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Testimonials for Hypnotherapy


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Ron Abbott

**All testimonials provided are from actual clients of Healthy Horizons Hypnosis,

nobody has been paid in exchange for their stories.**


                                                           Neck, Shoulder, Back and Hip Pain with Depression                                                          

Dear Dr. Xxxxxxxxx, M.D., Ph.D.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Reno, Nevada

This is to let you know how I feel about my sessions with Ron Abbott. My first session with him was interesting. Nothing really happened as far as my pain levels or moods. At least I found out what to expect in these sessions.

After this, things started to happen. My pain level went down and my mood came up a little. Things went slowly of course and with the help of the CD's that Ron has given me, things continue to improve.

At this point in our sessions, I'm almost (85-90%) pain free! My mood has improved about 40% or so.

I'm actually feeling better about myself and my appearance. Things have changed in so many ways for me. The way I think about myself, the way I look and I want to improve, overall the way I feel in general.

I am now certain that with my continued sessions with Ron, that my life will change even more than it has already. I'm looking forward to my future sessions and the changes they will bring.

This is the best thing I have done for myself.

Grace Turner

Elko, Nevada


Testimonial for Hypnotherapy

By Rhonda Colia

Elko, Nevada

I was in Reno for a business seminar.  My husband and I drove in the night before so we'd be well rested. However, sleep wasn't my friend that night.  The morning started out much like any other ordinary day, with just one exception.   After I took my shower, I noticed my head was twitching to the left.  I wasn't terribly alarmed, but I noted it was odd.  Then when I started to apply my makeup both of my hands were shaking to the point that I had to use one hand to hold the other.  I managed to get enough makeup on and continued to realize that my head was still twitching to the left.

I attended the seminar, but at break time about an hour and a half in I went to the ladies room and noticed that now my head was bobbing in a circle to the left.  I was now alarmed, yet I returned to the seminar.

By the end of the conference it was 3:30 pm.  I went straight to my husband and asked him to take me to the hospital because I thought I was having a stroke.  We left immediately for Elko.  It was a 4 hour drive.

We got something to eat thinking it might help and it did to a small extent.  Then I took some ibuprofen and tried to go to sleep. Things calmed down for about an hour and I thought it was over.   But we stopped about an hour outside of Elko and I couldn't move my left leg.  I have a family history of strokes and all evidence was pointing to that end.

My husband had to help me walk.   After we got back into the car and started driving again I suddenly went into a very violent convulsion-type episode.  This lasted all the way to the hospital and then some.

I was admitted and they began running some minor tests for blood and urine, then I waited for several hours still convulsing on the left side.   I remember leaning my head against the bed to relieve some of the violent jerking.   Both sides of my neck looked like they might burst open at any time.   I still waited for hours before I saw a physician.

She ordered some pain meds which finally put me out and gave me some relief.    By about 5am I was awakened by a nurse and they did a CT scan and sent me home. I was still shaking quite obviously, but not violently.   They ordered a bunch of medicines and bed rest for the next week.   They would be scheduling MRI’s and other neurological tests during that time.

I don’t remember too much of the next few weeks other than taking lots and lots of blood tests and enduring several procedures. The rest was a blur due to all of the drugs they had me taking.  The only thing I knew for sure was that I was terrified for myself and my family and that I was getting worse everyday.  I had already witnessed the demise of four of my five core family members and was thinking this was the beginning of my end.

I was now on Federal Medical Leave Act that lasts for only 90 days.  The clock was ticking for us to find a diagnosis.  I went from one doctor and specialist to another repeating the same tests over and over again.  Because we live in a remote area in the west, we have to drive at least 3 to 4 hours to see any of the specialists.   It’s quite inconvenient, tiresome and spendy to make all of the appointments.   I was told of the many things I didn’t have, but no one seemed to know what I actually did have.

I could no longer walk, so I had begun crawling to the bathroom because I wouldn’t have as far to fall. Speaking of falling, I did so all the time, bruising my entire body and collecting a couple of new scars too.  I blacked out and passed out quite often.   My family pretty much did everything for me in order to minimize my movement and falls. (Good thing this happened during the summer when my daughter was out of school and able to care for me all day).

My body continued to shake non-stop.  I would experience periods in which I would have less shaking than others, but I still had my regular ‘attacks’ which would last 6 to 8 hours of flopping around on my bed.  I looked much like a fish out of water.  It was pretty clear the many kinds of meds weren’t helping me.   Neither were the specialists.  One neurologist did tell me that I have a ‘spot’ on the right side of my brain, but that I shouldn’t worry about it as it could be nothing.  It was located in the motor sensor division of  my brain.  Hmmm. Sure sounded like something I thought was related to my condition, but the experts didn’t think I needed to follow up on it.

Finally, a friend and former client of mine called me and told me that if he continued to hear any more declining stories regarding my health, that he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t offer to help me.  So he did. My friend is Ron Abbott. He knew I couldn’t drive so he arranged to pick me up and take me to his office for a hypnotherapy session.  He had to escort me into his office as I could hardly walk.

He was very kind and interviewed me quite extensively.  He explained that hypnotherapy was just really a state of deep relaxation, focused attention and hyper-suggestibility.  I was ready for anything that would help me relax, let alone gain some improved health.  The session lasted about two hours or so.  When I left I was able to stand alone on both of my two feet for the first time since September 28th! I was no longer trembling or shaking anywhere.  I felt so calm and serene inside.  It was just so transforming.  I was absolutely amazed! I wish I had taken a picture of my family when they came home and saw me.  This took place on a Friday afternoon.

I continued to improve over the weekend and then throughout the next week.  In fact, I was able to drive to my next appointment with Ron Abbott that next Wednesday afternoon.   I've been seeing him regularly ever since and have completely recovered control of my entire body.  I still work with Ron Abbott and my other Doctors trying to find an answer to all of this.  But I can tell you that because of hypnotherapy I feel like I finally have some control over my physical body and my life.  Ron works with all of my Physicians as well.  But the greatest change I've received from hypnotherapy is that it's now a daily part of my life.  I find myself able to go into a state of self-hypnosis and deep relaxation in times of stress, or just because I want to relax and give myself some "me" time.

I went to Ron Abbott hoping for any kind of help.  I left with a new body and mindset and a power I didn't even know I had within me. I truly believe with all my heart that hypnotherapy saved my life.  And it gave me more than hope; it has empowered me to help myself and others by telling them my story.  I'm eternally grateful to Ron for introducing me to self- hypnosis and hypnotherapy and showing me how to unlock the power within me.  I no longer have to just wait for whatever comes next. I am now pro-active with my health, my mind, body and soul.


"Change your mind,                      

Change your life!"  


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